Can Cosmetic Treatment Like Dermal Filler Make You Look Younger?

Dermal Filler Treatment

Cosmetic treatment for a youthful look


Ageing is a natural process but, in some, the effect of ageing shows up a little early than anticipated due to sun damage, pollution, hectic lifestyle, etc. In such cases, our skin requires something extra to soothe and rejuvenate the skin from within. After investing years of dedication and practice, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we have adopted the most effective cosmetic injectable treatment that removes most of the skin ageing concerns like volume loss, wrinkles, dull and withered skin. Can you guess what are we talking about? Yes, it is dermal fillers. So, let us try to understand if such a cosmetic treatment may help you look younger in a natural manner.

The popularity of dermal fillers among Australian women has established dermal filler as personal favourite of many cosmetic physicians as well. Cosmetic doctors like Dr Shobhna Singh, who has the experience of training other physicians and nurses, consider hyaluronic acid dermal fillers as one of the most convenient and effective skin rejuvenating treatment. Of course, it is important to take into account the patient’s facial structure and then apply the appropriate injection techniques to avoid or correct erroneous facial movements.

Our face can be divided into different areas like upper face, lower face, etc. so these require different treatment approaches, and, at the same time, the face should be treated in a comprehensive manner to maintain a harmony in facial features. For this reason, we always suggest going for a proper consultation with a licenced practitioner before moving forward with the aesthetic filler treatment.

Despite the increasing inclination of women towards the treatment with hyaluronic acid to improve their self-esteem, still, according to the study conducted by Allergan, there are still some women who have their doubts about anti-ageing treatment with dermal fillers in Melbourne. Faces are like classic paintings, where every stroke of brush conveys the hidden emotions, similar to our facial expressions that reflect the type of wrinkles and folds appearing in our face. And the treating physician must understand how the face moves during facial expression and take this aspect into account in the treatment plans. Then, the possibility of ending up with a fake, puffed up or frozen look subsides, and with that the fear of the patients also disappear.

Moreover, the cosmetic doctor ensures that another key to a successful cosmetic treatment is to make a personalized diagnosis based on a balance between what the patient wants and what he really needs. For this we must take into account the patient’s emotional attributes, that is if you are tired; if you have sagging skin; if you are sad or angry; if you want to have a thinner face, female or male; or if you want a more youthful or attractive look.

Next, it will be the aesthetic doctor who will decide the best treatment plan adapted to the needs of the person. It is important to take proper decisions like at what precise points the cosmetic injectables must be injected or what quantity of fillers should be used, to avoid unwanted results.

Similarly, the dermal filler products used should have a very good capacity to fill while remaining mouldable for a couple of days, which means that the filling is perfectly integrated under the skin of the injected area and then hardens, so it does not deform or move, achieving natural aesthetic results and great comfort for the patients. Overall, we can conclude that in order to attain natural-looking youthful skin, it is imperative to find the right physician, right clinic and right product, as it is the combination of these three that makes the dermal filler anti-ageing treatment with hyaluronic acid so successful.

Discovering a youthful, nourished and hydrated skin is very much possible. So, get your confidence and beauty back with hyaluronic facial fillers. If you need any more information on dermal fillers in Melbourne, get in touch with us at or you can read how dermal fillers help in restoring volume.

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