Bye to All Acne Scars!

Dermal Rollers to get rid of acne scars

Dermal Roller for Acne Scars


Without a doubt, acne is one of the most frequent skin pathologies. After its passage, and depending on the type of skin, severe acne often leaves scars that until now could only be eliminated with highly aggressive and high-priced treatments such as laser and other invasive procedures.

The scars that the most severe types of acne can leave range from pigmented spots to clefts or furrows that can seriously compromise the quality of life of affected people given the great importance that is given to physical appearance at present.

Fortunately, thanks to the Derma Roller treatment today, it is possible to eliminate these marks without having to undergo any aggressive treatment that perhaps only mitigates the scars. In addition, the effects are achieved in a short time and with a low cost, without attacking the skin.

Thus, Derma Roller for acne scars avoids the side effects produced by conventional treatments such as chemical exfoliation and dermabrasion that are being used to treat the damage caused by acne and that usually cause severe allergic reactions in addition to other cutaneous complaints. The high tolerance and harmlessness of Derma Roller makes it an ideal product that can be used on all skin types, since even the most sensitive skin will benefit from its results.

So, let us find out more about this amazing treatment.

How does derma roller for acne scars work?

The Derma Roller for acne scars is a device equipped with micro-needles made of titanium that a complete and effective treatment. Derma Roller returns to the skin its primitive smoothness and uniformity. This is achieved thanks to its gentle but effective stimulation of the natural production of elastin and collagen – two proteins that make up the cutaneous structure and provide the skin with elasticity and firmness, respectively. In this way, the skin is filled, the pigmentation disappears, unifying the cutaneous tone and the tone is recovered.

How to improve the effect of derma roller treatment?

To accelerate the process and improve the results, the Derma Roller can be used together with a topical treatment, since it will optimize its absorption in an exceptional way. This is because with the use of the Derma Roller the skin is much more receptive to its properties. Therefore, to complete the advantages of this novel aesthetic device, it is recommended to use special ampoules whose unique components will easily penetrate the damaged skin to renew the cells permanently.

How does the exclusive ampoule improve the skin texture by removing acne scars?

These exclusive ampoules are known to accelerate the healing processes when used topically. This characteristic gives the skin a young and healthy appearance besides accelerating the healing process. Derma roller improves the structure of the skin and its external appearance, whereas the nourishing ampoules favour the natural production of collagen thanks to its antioxidant power. Therefore, it achieves a fully effective anti-aging effect, also providing brightness to the face. Some ampoules also act as a potent antioxidant, but it is especially interesting because of its effects on the spots on the skin surface, equalizing and unifying the tone. For instance, ampoule of organic silicon is an essential trace element that has many beneficial qualities for the skin as depigmentation as well as being a powerful ally to accelerate the process of cellular renewal at the skin level, since silicon is a component that is naturally found in our skin.

Finally, it is important to know that when all these ingredients act together after a session of derma roller treatment, their effectiveness is even greater.

At last, it is possible to cure the traces that acne has left on the skin without resorting to expensive treatments that may further compromise the health of our skin. And it is thanks to the regular sessions of the Derma Roller treatment with the exclusive ampoules, that we have at our disposal a real treatment of luxury that guarantees excellent results on the most punished skins.

It is always important though to get specific advice in each case as to the number of treatments required and costs from a Medical Professional who also offers a number of other acne scarring treatment options as well and then weigh up the benefits of each treatment option before deciding on the derma roller as one’s treatment option.

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