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Body Shaping Melbourne - Nitai

Quite often, despite regular exercise or dieting, it is difficult to eliminate stubborn fat in some parts of the body.

At Nitai we have invested in latest technology to freeze the stubborn, resilient fat to achieve a slimmer, tighter shape. This is achieved by precisely controlled freezing using “Clatuu” , our new Body shaping device.

“Clatuu” works by cooling the target area to breakdown the fat tissues whilst keeping normal cells intact.

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Fat Areas Treatment - Nitai
Clatuu Freezes Your Fat Away - Nitai

With Clatuu, we are able to treat 2 sites at once, reducing time and cost for you.

Body Shaping Before & After Treatment - Nitai

The CLATUU procedure is for spot reduction of fat. It is not a weight loss solution.

Someone who is overweight can expect to see less visible improvement than someone who has smaller fat deposits. As with all procedures, visible results vary from person to person.

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