Benefits of Fraxel Laser: The Fastest Route to Skin Rejuvenation!

Benefits of Fraxel Laser in Melbourne

Can you name the numerous agonies that our skin faces every day? The penetrating UVA and UVB rays, the harsh pollutants, smoke, dust and unfriendly weather effects, all of them conspire together to veil the liveliness and radiance of the skin. On top of that, to hide the dullness of the skin, we keep on increasing the number of skin products, chemicals and make-up, which exacerbates the skin condition even more.

That is when we need a little respite from time to time, a saviour of the innocence of the skin, something that can preserve and radiate the shine that is so characteristic of you. Thanks to the great advancement in the field of aesthetic medicine, we have at our disposal thousands of alternatives that can help our skin, however, there is one that stands out above all, and that is the Fraxel Laser.

The uncountable attributes of fraxel laser have claimed a top spot among all other alternatives. However, sadly, we all are not very scrupulously acquainted with the pros and cons of the fraxel laser. Well, no issue, that can be very easily fixed. So, here’s our blog absolutely dedicated to understanding the benefits of fraxel laser in Melbourne and the side-effects as well (if there is any).

1.Fraxel Laser can improve skin elasticity:

As it cannot be otherwise, let us begin our discussion on the fraxel laser by referring to its most important characteristic, that is, retaining the elasticity of the skin. If there is something this laser gets from the first session is to improve the elasticity of our skin, due to the emission that provide their waves in the dermis during its application. The optical light that affects our skin causes this regeneration of new cells, which make our skin healthier and brighter, without damaging any of the most superficial layers.

2. Fast, simple, effective and durable:

Many patients at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre would consider Fraxel Laser as a piece of cake! At first, the medical team would carry out a study and diagnosis of the area to be treated, then, with the patient’s approval and support, we start the skin treatment using fraxel laser.

Depending on the area and the type of treatment, more or less session time will be necessary, although approximately an average of 20-30 minutes per zone is usually required. Prior to the beginning of the session, a local anaesthetic will be applied so that the patient does not have any type of discomfort and the fraxel laser treatment can be done as quickly as possible.

One of the advantages of this treatment is that at the end of the treatment, the patient can lead a normal life, although it is usually recommended to maintain constant hydration of the skin and usually, to avoid continuous exposure to the Sun. Regarding the results, there is no need to worry because they will be observed after the recovery of the skin.

3. It can be applied to treat any part of the body:

The Fraxel Laser can be applied to any part of our body and can help us eliminate a large number of imperfections in the skin.  There are innumerable benefits of fraxel lasers used in Melbourne. It heals the ailment in our body from head to toe like stimulating hair growth, removing scars, treating acne, etc. Be it any sort of dermatological malady, fraxel laser has always got an answer to it.

4. 3 to 5 Sessions can be enough:

Basically, the number of required sessions varies with the condition and expectations of the patient and also, the type of skin with which we are working. While it is true the average is usually between 3 and 5 sessions but there is nothing pre-established for the Fraxel Laser. It is true that when making an application in a fractional way, it is usually more than normal for only a small part of the tissues to receive that energy so it will have to be repeated to complete the area of ​​action and, therefore, be much more effective and durable.

5. Impressive results against stretch marks, scars, spots and acne marks:

Goodbye imperfections, that’s what our laser likes best. The main use that is usually given in aesthetic medicine is to eliminate all types of scars, sunspots and marks caused by acne.

In the modern times, fraxel laser has turned out to be an effective tool against stretch marks among women. It is important to know that in case of stretch marks removal with fraxel laser, the number of sessions may increase depending on the size and degree of aging that these stretch marks have.

Although it is not its main strength, it can also be used in certain cases in the removal of varicose veins with laser, such as the vascular laser.

6. It helps us eliminate sun spots:

One of the most common practices of the Fraxel Laser is the elimination of stains caused by solar radiation. Its demand is very common after summer, since it is the highest season in which our body is in constant exposure, even to produce actinic keratosis, something that we can eliminate with a few sessions.

7. A painless, secured treatment process:

It is true that the pain threshold is not the same for all patients and, therefore, anaesthesia is applied on the area to be treated, thus eliminating any type of pain during the treatment procedure. To be honest, a certain sensation of discomfort might be felt but nothing else out of the ordinary when performing some session of laser hair removal or even a tattoo.

8. The results are permanent unlike other skin treatments:

If there is a treatment that guarantees that the results are permanent, it is undoubtedly this type of laser. Out of all the benefits of fraxel laser, the elimination of marks, spots and scars are for life, in terms of stretch marks if we have to say that they may not be completely definitive, especially if we do not take care of our skin. For example, if we are prone to the appearance of spots after the summer in the facial area, after the laser we will have to take more care and protect ourselves much more from sun exposure.

It is important to remember that in each session regeneration of new cells is achieved, something that helps in the activation of the elasticity of the skin.

9. There are minimal side effects in the Fraxel Laser:

Compared to all the benefits of fraxel laser, they are so minimal that they are not really considered side effects. The only thing that can happen is the feeling of intense heat in the treated area in the next 2-3 hours and some small redness or irritation, something that will disappear on the same day.

10. It can be combined with other cosmetic treatments for proper skin rejuvenation:

If what we are looking for is a skin rejuvenation in a fast way, this treatment with Fraxel laser is the most successful. Together with its companions such as hyaluronic acid fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, the wrinkles can be eliminated, the volume of the damaged facial areas can be returned, and a rapid rejuvenation can be expected.

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