What are the Early Signs & Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

Mole Mapping for Skin Cancer


A mole or a spot even though looks very minute but over time may turn malignant, causing a huge threat to life and health. In case of skin cancer, the fast response at the right moment is crucial. But mostly, people are unaware of what signs to look for or what primary treatments to follow if something appears amiss. So, here we have assembled some facts to assist you in detecting even the slightest signs or symptoms of skin cancer as the best way to ward off skin cancer is to maintain a strict vigil on the growth of the moles.

Signs and symptoms of melanoma skin cancer:

Any mole, sore, bump, imperfection, mark, or unusual change in the appearance or sensation of an area of ​​skin may be a sign of melanoma or other skin cancer or a warning that it may occur soon in the upcoming future. So, it is advised to have mole check in Melbourne from time to time at regular intervals.

Normal moles: How do they differ from suspicious moles?

Usually, a normal mole is a brown, cinnamon, or black coloured mole on the skin. It can be flat or prominent, round or oval. Generally, polka dots are less than 6 millimetres (about 1/4 inch) wide, which is approximately the width of a pencil gum. Some moles may be present at birth, but most appear during childhood or youth. On the appearance of a sudden new mole of big size, it is best to go for a mole check in Melbourne.

Once a mole has originated, it will usually retain the same size, shape and colour for many years. Eventually, some moles can disappear.
Most people have moles, and almost all are harmless. However, it is important to recognize changes in a mole (such as its size, shape or colour), which may suggest that melanoma is developing.

Possible signs and symptoms of melanoma:

The most important signal for melanoma is a new mole on the skin or an existing one that has changed in its size, shape or colour. Another important sign is a mole that looks different from the others on your skin and is irregular in shape. If you have any of these signs, see your doctor for a mole check.

The easy way to remember all these pointers is to follow the ABCDE rule to identify the usual signs of melanoma. Stay alert and notify your doctor if you notice moles that have any of the following characteristics:


If you try to draw an imaginary line through the centre of the mole, then one half of the mole or birthmark does not correspond to the other half.


Boundary or the edges of malignant moles are irregular, uneven, jagged or poorly defined.


The colour of the mole is not uniform and may include shades of brown or black, or sometimes with pink, red, blue or white spots.


The carcinogenic mole is more than 6 millimetres wide (about ¼ inch or about the size of a pencil eraser), although melanomas can sometimes be smaller than this.


Over time, the size, shape or colour of the mole changes.
However, some melanomas do not follow the rules described above. It is important to inform your doctor about any changes in your skin, or growths that you see as something different from the rest of your moles or even better try getting a mole check in Melbourne.

Other warning signs are:

  • A sore that does not heal.
  • Propagation of the pigment from the edge of a stain to the surrounding skin.
  • Redness or a new inflammation beyond the edge.
  • Change in sensation (itching, sensitivity or pain).
  • Change in the surface of a mole (scaling, exudation, bleeding, or the appearance of a lump or nodule).

Be sure to show your doctor any areas that concern you. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the difference between melanoma and an ordinary mole. At Nitai we have an Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor who is well-trained in detection potential skin cancers. Therefore, it is important to have a mole check on a yearly basis, just to be on safer side.

If you have any further query, please contact us at admin@nitai.com.au, we will get right back to you.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for that Pretty Perfect Pout!

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for Lips


The lips are one of the most important parts of our face. It is the area that monopolizes more looks and, like the eyes, speaks of us. That is why, on many occasions, when thinking about beauty treatments for our face, one of the first ideas that come to mind is to moisturize or give volume to the lips.
It is absolutely essential to carry out a correct treatment and, in that, hyaluronic acid is positioned as one of the best options when choosing the substance with which to beautify our face.

Why choose hyaluronic acid treatment?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found innate in the body and can be used for facial and body treatments. Due to its natural condition, it is one of the most effective and instantaneous treatments to add volume and elasticity to skin cells.

In hyaluronic acid treatment, it is injected through a thin needle into the superficial layers of the skin. The amount and depth with which it is injected will depend, in the first instance, on the treated area, the patient’s circumstances and the results that are to be obtained.

It is the most used technique due to its great success rate and good performance. The naturalness with which lips are perceived after treatment is one of its strengths, in addition to moisturizing and giving relief, resulting in fleshy and voluminous lips.

In addition to smoothening the folds of the skin, providing volume and hydration to the lips, hyaluronic acid fillers stimulate the production of collagen, thus multiplying the rejuvenating effect and delaying the premature ageing of the skin.

Treatment and duration of hyaluronic acid fillers:

The aesthetic treatment that involves the lips has had some controversy due to the doubtful results obtained by the excessive infiltrations. It is very important, therefore, that the procedure is performed correctly and by professionals.

Before beginning the infiltration, each lip should be studied on its own merits and, with it, begin a treatment according to each circumstance and need.

The filling of lips carried out by Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre is based on the use of microneedles of very small thickness. Because it is performed quickly and is a painless procedure, it does not require anesthesia and the patient can make normal life when the procedure is finished. The substance is injected outside in the outer layer of the lip and, sometimes can produce bruising, although a good practitioner will take all necessary steps to minimise and possibly avoid it.

Duration of the Hyaluronic Acid Fillers:

An infiltration of hyaluronic acid fillers lasts between six to eighteen months, depending on the material used. The definitive result of the treatment is clearly seen after two-three weeks of the injection.

The sessions to be received maybe one or two, depending on the case, but generally, in the first one, the initial results are already noticed. Each session usually lasts about twenty minutes and the results are immediate, although, as already mentioned, a second one may be necessary.

Once the treatment is done, the use of a lip protector is recommended in order to protect and hydrate the lips at the end of the procedure. In this way, more lasting and visible results are achieved.

When you are investing in yourself, make sure you are getting the very best results. Having professionals at your side capable of assisting you in everything you need is a basic requirement to make you look perfect.

The lips are a fundamental part of the face and, that is why, in the Nitai Skin Clinic in Melbourne, we treat our patients in a personalized way, only with the best materials and professionals and at a very affordable price.
Ask us if you have any questions and love yourself by getting the lips you want. It has never been so easy!

Photodynamic Therapy: An Easy Way to Bid Farewell to Skin Cancer!

Photodynamic therapy for skin treatment


Have you heard about photodynamic therapy? It is one of the most trusted treatments against skin cancer and severely impaired skin. But very less is known about this vital treatment. So, why not take out some time from your busy schedule and learn a bit about photodynamic therapy in Melbourne?

Harmful UV rays have the potential to damage our skin in an unrepairable manner. Perpetual exposure to the sun may cause skin cancer, premature ageing, sun spots, rashes and many other skin issues. To reverse these grave impacts of UVA and UVB rays on skin, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we suggest resorting to photodynamic therapy.

Photodynamic therapy can be used in the treatment of certain types of skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and Bowen’s disease. Also, for the management of lesions with malignant potential such as actinic keratosis and porokeratosis this treatment is used. Other situations in which we use photodynamic therapy as an excellent therapeutic alternative is in the management of acne, acne rosacea and photo-ageing.

How is it performed?

On the day of treatment, the skin is gently cleansed and the crusts are removed, the sensitizing cream is applied on the area to be treated, leaving it covered for 1-3 hours (depending on the indication). After this period the illumination is performed with a special diode lamp for a few minutes, between 7 and 10 minutes, depending on each case. Once the session is over, the patient may return to his normal life without any problem. The number of sessions is defined by the skin cancer doctor depending on the therapeutic indication.

What risks does it involve?

This treatment does not carry any severe risk but a few side-effects may be seen during or just after the treatment, which involves itching, burning, heat and even pain during the application of light, especially when treating the face or extensive areas. Such side-effects are relieved by the application of cold pack or cold water spray.

Also, in a few cases, after the treatment, scabs and redness may appear that resolve on its own in a few days without any sequelae.

What precautions should be taken after the procedure?

After the procedure, we recommend using a sunscreen with a high protection factor for at least the first 48 hours. Additionally, we recommend covering wounds in the case of treatment of cancer or precancerous lesions.

Photodynamic therapy is prohibited in patients with lupus, porphyria and in pregnant women.

The photodynamic therapy is usually carried out in the cases of:

  • Skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, Bowen’s disease,
  • Precancerous lesions: actinic keratosis, porokeratosis
  • Acne
  • Acne rosacea
  • Photo-ageing.

    This photodynamic treatment shows effective results after each session. If you have any other skin concern or you are willing to know more about skin cancer treatments, contact us at admin@nitai.com.au.

How Does Laser Treatment Work on Skin Pigmentation?

Laser Treatment for Skin Pigmentation


Dermatologists often recommend laser therapy to treat the signs of ageing or dermatoses, such as hyperpigmentation and acne scars. This article explains how laser therapy works and describes the different types of laser treatment. We explore what could be the possible alternatives and the best way to care for the skin and help regenerate it after laser treatment.

What is laser therapy?

The word LASER is an abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This definition describes the way in which the laser works: light rays artificially generated, controlled and used to penetrate human tissue to correct a series of medical and aesthetic problems.
In summary, the problem areas of the skin are tapped with high energy light. This light is transformed into heat and works in the desired area. Softer treatments target the epidermis of the skin (the superficial layer), while the more intense can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

What are the different types of laser treatment?

There are many types of laser treatments for skin pigmentation as well as for other aesthetic purposes, but they can be grouped into two broad categories: ablative and non-ablative lasers.

Ablative lasers:

Ablation is a medical term used to describe the removal of material from the surface of a structure by an erosive process. The treatment with ablative laser is defined by the fact that it removes the upper layers of the skin and in this way the skin may take a few weeks to heal after treatment.
Often, ablative lasers are used to reduce scars. They are also used to treat wrinkles, as it can stimulate the production of collagen. There are two different types of ablative lasers: carbon dioxide and erbium lasers.

Non-ablative lasers:

Non-ablative lasers leave the surface of the skin intact so that, although some redness may appear after treatment, the skin usually recovers quickly. Because they act below the surface of the skin, they are particularly effective at eliminating varicose veins, reducing pigmentation problems, treating fine lines and wrinkles, and removing unwanted hair and tattoos. There are several types of non-ablative lasers, but the most common are Fraxel Lasers and RevLite Lasers.

Dermatologists also use other treatments to remove scars and pigments based on the light that are not lasers, such as intense pulsed light (IPL).

When should I consider using laser treatment for skin pigmentation?

If you are particularly concerned about hyperpigmentation, rosacea, scars caused by acne or any other dermatosis, you should probably discuss the possible course of treatment with a skin doctor. He/she will recommend the most suitable treatment for your skin type.

But, in any severe cases of skin spots or marks, laser therapy is the best-sorted treatment as it smoothens the skin without causing any permanent side-effect.

How should I treat my skin after laser treatment for skin pigmentation?

Laser therapy should always be carried out by a qualified and experienced doctor, and the instructions for previous and subsequent care should be followed carefully.  Once the skin tissue has been reformed after the treatment, keeping the skin hydrated helps regenerate the skin.

Skin that remains on the surface after laser treatment is also likely to be very sensitive to sunlight, so it is important to use a high sun protection factor after treatment, even on cloudy days. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend resorting to facial sunscreen products with very high sun protection factor (30, 50 and more than 50) that provide the skin with the necessary protection after laser treatment for skin pigmentation.

If you have undergone laser therapy to treat rosacea or hyperpigmentation, we also recommend that, once the skin has fully recovered, take care of the skin through a daily skincare regime with products that will help meet special needs of the skin and prolong the effectiveness of the treatment. Also, we would suggest avoiding use of heavy make-up for a couple of days after the treatment. Likewise, we suggest the use of sunscreen products of superior quality on a daily basis in order to prevent the same symptoms from recurring.

If you desire to know more about the laser treatment for skin pigmentation, contact us at admin@nitai.com.au.

Anti-wrinkle injections to the rescue!

Anti-wrinkle Injections to the Rescue!


When the effect of time becomes evident as wrinkles and fine lines all over the face, expensive creams and other anti-ageing products cannot rectify the damage. Anti-wrinkle injections can create a huge difference in such cases. A treatment that even years after its creation, continues to be the star treatment to combat ageing and treat wrinkles of expression. So, let’s not tarry anymore and unveil all interesting facts about this amazing anti-ageing treatment.

What is the premium quality anti-wrinkle injection used in Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre?

Anti-wrinkle injection is a unique substance that is effective in smoothing wrinkles of expression, caused by repeated and continued muscle contraction, and delaying the appearance of new wrinkles, which is why it has been and continues to be the best ally in reducing dynamic wrinkles. Although anti-wrinkle injections erase the wrinkles, it is important to be aware of the fact that the anti-wrinkle injections are not the facial fillers that retain the lost volume of the face.

Who can benefit from the anti-wrinkle injection?

The anti-wrinkle injection is an excellent treatment that serves not only to treat wrinkles when they are already marked or established, but also as a preventive to attenuate and soften the wrinkles of expression caused by the constant and repeated action of the facial muscles. Therefore, premium quality anti-wrinkle injections can be used by young patients whose parents have very marked wrinkles (frown, crow’s feet, etc.), thus choosing to delay the genetic fingerprint.

What are the results of anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are safe and highly effective methods, whose results also are durable. In fact, we have clinical studies that show that the effects are maintained up to 6 months (on rare occasions, even more than that in some patients) after the injection. Eliminating wrinkles with the premium quality anti-wrinkle injection is the best option today if we want to prolong the effects of ageing.

How is a treatment with our premium quality anti-wrinkle injection?

The treatment begins with a personalized analysis of the patient’s musculature, muscle strength and wrinkles, both at rest and dynamically, caused by muscle action and gesture, and the most appropriate areas to be treated are decided, in the first consultation. The areas to be treated by the premium quality anti-wrinkle injections are: glabellar wrinkles (between the eyebrows), periocular wrinkles (crow’s feet) and frontal wrinkles.

At first, the musculature to be treated is marked and the injection points are made with a very fine needle, which makes the treatment subtle and fast.
The purified protein (our premium quality anti-wrinkle injection) is inoculated in the targeted areas.

Finally, patients are given advice and guidelines to follow post-treatment, more appropriate and personalized according to the case. A few days later, a follow-up session is carried out and, if necessary, the relevant adjustments are made.

Essential information about anti-wrinkle injections:

The growing black market in aesthetic medicine, often makes use of neurotoxins or fillers to achieve the much desired anti-ageing effect. And one of the most counterfeit products is undoubtedly the anti-wrinkle injection. The fake aesthetic products do not have any type of regularization, they have not passed any sanitary control and pose a real danger to our physical appearance and our health.

That is why it is essential that if we want to eliminate wrinkles with wrinkle lift injections, the treatment must be performed by a professional expert in that matter. A licenced practitioner will cater to the needs and desires of the patient, thus, maintaining a balance and naturalness to avoid freezing facial expression.

We must break with the taboo or false knowledge that anti-wrinkle injection creates only frozen and expressionless faces. We can keep at bay and eliminate wrinkles of expression with wrinkle lift injections yet clearly expressing our emotions. The professional has to be in a certain way an artist to improve the face without the retouching being evident. Lucky for us, we have Dr Shobhna Singh at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, whose magic touch has improved the lives of many.

Are you also looking out for a way to get rid of wrinkles and unwanted facial lines? Simply, get in touch with us at admin@nitai.com.au.

How Skin Needling Can Help You Get Rid of Scars?

Skin Needling in Melbourne


Skin needling or dermal roller treatment is a procedure that is applied on the epidermis, that is to say on the first layer of the skin, in which numerous needles of tiny size perforate it creating micro-punctures of little more than one or two millimetres to promote the collagen production and aid in cell regeneration process.

These needles can be applied with various devices, either in the form of a roller or pencil, and there is a domestic version that can be found available in internet stores, known by the brand Dermal roller and the like, and another professional. In the home, the microneedles barely reach the millimetre of depth and have a less visible effect.

In the professional version, which is the one used by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and aesthetic professionals, the needles can reach 2.5 millimetres, so its effect is more evident but also the risk of causing greater wounds and irritations on the skin. So, here at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend seeking professional expertise before undergoing such skin procedures.

How micro-needling works?

To understand the fundamentals of micro-needling, it is important to understand that these micro-punctures really have a double effect: on the one hand, they provoke a reaction of dermal epithelial cells, which defend themselves from aggression, producing collagen and elastin, two elements responsible for much of the turgidity of our epidermis and the dermal tissues immediately below it. As a result of this aggressive stimulation, although very little invasive, the structural proteins such as collagen and elastin elevate, which in turn dissipate wrinkles and blur scars, as well
as acne marks.

On the other hand, the needles temporarily open channels in the epidermis, which is a thick layer of dead cells. The minute punctures make it easier to penetrate certain dermal treatments, thereby making them more effective. Anyway, the important fact to be noted is that everything that glitters is not gold, at least not completely, because the effectiveness of the treatment will depend a lot on the age of the skin, because it is linked to the collagen production capacity. In young patients, for example during acne treatment, the response of the cells is much more powerful, and the result can be really good.

Skin Needling works but it does not work miracles:

But as the patient gets older, the skin response is weaker, and although it can make improvements, does not perform miracles. Moreover, the skin needling or dermal rollers treatment takes about four weeks to take effect and requires more than one session to reflect the full impact of the treatment. It is always said that in the matters of aesthetics you have to resist making decisions on impulse; if you have severe acne marks or a scar that is injuring your confidence and self-esteem, it is worth trying the technique, but if it is just to get rid of your own wrinkles of age, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we will prescribe resorting to other techniques such as premium quality injections of hyaluronic acid or anti-wrinkle serum.

Always better in the hands of professionals:

Although there is provision of performing dermal roller treatment at home, but we would advise to use this with caution against it. The reason is that the needles of the dermal rollers used at home do not fully pierce the dermis and so its effect is rather more limited and this can cause anxiety in people who use it, and they might end up overusing it that causes serious irritation, plus there is a high risk that the conditions of hygiene and proper control are not maintained.

We must also bear in mind that not all skins respond well to this treatment and very sensitive skins can present serious irritations that worsen the state of the skin and even give rise to infectious processes, so treatment should always be done under control of a professional.

Also read our blog on Side-effects of Dermal Rollers to understand both pros and cons of the treatment.

A Complete Guide on Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal treatment is a safe and innovative technique that is used to eliminate the unwanted hair effortlessly without pain or struggle. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we perform it under strict medical control that guarantees a correct and optimal application, in addition to the expected results. For this, we use medical-grade lasers.

What is the initial approach to the laser hair removal treatment?

● A personalized study according to your skin prototype and your hair colour is done.

● A suitability test to check the behaviour of your skin against the laser is conducted.

● Then the laser rays are targeted on a section of the skin and the unwanted hair is completely eliminated.

Laser Hair Removal is an aesthetic demand that is very widespread nowadays and it has been a real revolution that allows us to forget the traditional methods of hair removal that always ended up with the return of the annoying hair. So, here comes a risk-free, permanent solution to the pesky hair problems. It is simply great, isn’t it?

What results can you expect?

The result is skin without hair, soft and supple. Laser hair removal is a technique in which laser applications are used on the skin to remove unwanted hair. During this process, hair follicles are removed as well as the ability to reproduce hair. Hence, after four to five sessions, one can expect soft, silky skin, absolutely free of pesky hair permanently.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we have our medical-grade laser, which makes the laser treatments easy and risk-free. Although, it is important to understand that laser treatments can only be performed under strict medical control as it makes the risk of burns or possible adversities null.

Is there any factor that may influence the effect of laser hair removal treatment?

In Laser Hair Removal, there are many factors that influence the results: the hair follicle, skin phototype, hair thickness, and age. At Nitai Skin Clinic, we offer you the technology that best suits you, so that you get optimum results you have always wanted. Here, we provide personalized laser treatments so that you can get specific treatment fulfilling all your requirements such that certain factors cease to influence.

Phases of Body Hair Growth:

Did you know that hair has different stages of growth? The hair follicles are very dynamic structures that go through the following phases:

● Anagen Phase: Throughout this phase the hair shaft becomes longer. The duration is different depending on each body area.

● Catagen Phase: It is a transition in which the length of the follicle is shortened, and the activity is paralyzed.

● Telogen Phase: It is a transition in which the length of the follicle is shortened, and the activity is paralyzed.

And at what stage is it convenient to perform the Laser Hair Removal session?

It is convenient to perform the session in the anagen phase. To eliminate all the existing hair in an area of ​​the body, it is necessary to carry out several sessions scheduled in time so that all the follicles have passed through this phase at least once. That is why, depending on each patient and their evolution, the sessions will be guided by the medical professional. It is not at all convenient to schedule the interval between sessions marking a fixed time, because doing it in that way, the treatment would stop being personalized and the results would not be optimal. At Nitai Skin Clinic, we will analyse your evolution and we will recommend the best course of action for you.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

● Freedom from shaving, tweezing and waxing at the end of every week or month.

● Negligible pain or bruising.

● No downtime.

● Long-lasting results.

Tips to Protect Skin after Laser Hair Removal:

● Avoid sunbathing before the session, or the following days. Also, use a good sunscreen before facing the sun.

● Once the treatment of each session has begun, you should not shave with systems that remove the hair, i.e. no waxing, shaving or use of tweezers.

● Before each session, the area to be treated should be clean, remove any remaining makeup, cream or deodorant that remains on the skin.

● It is essential to moisturize the skin and avoid the use of products with high alcohol content right after the treatment as it may irritate the skin when it is still sensitive.

If there are other questions popping in your mind right now, just contact us at admin@nitai.com.au.

Have You Tried All the Hand Rejuvenation Treatments?

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment in Melbourne


Once they were slender and graceful, now only wrinkles and parched skin remains! Over time, the atrocities of work, sun and time abuse the tenderness of the hands leaving them rough, dry and creased. It is actually heartbreaking to witness our hands wither with the stroke of time. So, what causes the ageing of hands?

Passage of time, as well as excessive exposure to the sun, leave a great impact on the skin of our hands, which being very thin and delicate makes ageing much more visible and occurs earlier than in other body parts. On top of it, let’s admit it, we seldom take good care of our hands, the way we do of our face. That is why to keep them young and plush, it is essential to provide them with the devotion they need daily, paying special attention to their hydration, otherwise, the result will be a premature appearance of wrinkled skin, prominent veins and the appearance of dark spots.

If you want to know how to rejuvenate your hands by means of simple tricks and treatments, keep reading this article and you will see how they look young and impeccable.

Dermal Fillers, Amazing Option for Hand Rejuvenation:

First and foremost step of the hand rejuvenation is to maintain the PH balance and the hydration level. Hands are constantly exposed to aggressive external agents (changes in temperature, sunrays, soaps and detergents, cleaning products, etc.) and, due to this, they often show signs of premature ageing if they are not kept hydrated properly. It will be essential that you hydrate your hands several times a day to prevent them from drying out and their tissues losing flexibility and smoothness; in the market you can find excellent nutritional creams but if you also want to reduce wrinkles, bring luminosity and firmness, we would suggest you opt for dermal filler hand rejuvenation treatment. Dermal fillers stimulate collagen production thus eliminating the unwanted wrinkles.

Fraxel Laser for Hand Rejuvenation:

Fraxel Laser is another very preferred option as it offers a risk and pain free treatment with effective results. Laser beams initiate collagen build up within the skin, thus renewing the skin texture and removing the wrinkles visibly.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams:

If you are looking for wrinkle lift creams to improve the skin texture of your hands, then the best hand rejuvenation creams are those that contain ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, licorice extract, etc. as available in Jan Marini products, Dermaceutic products, etc. At a minimum, you should apply it twice a day to notice the results after one week of use.

Skin Protection, A Must for Complete Hand Rejuvenation:

All dermatologists agree that to rejuvenate the hands, as well as to prevent ageing, the most important thing is to avoid excessive sun exposure. Wondering how to do it? Simple, you should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen several times a day, whatever the time of year, and choose those creams that already have integrated protection against both UVA and UVB rays, because this will be the only way that in the long run, you do not have to witness those unsightly dark spots on the hands.

A Little Care Goes A Long Way:

One of the main signs of ageing in the hands, as we have indicated, is the appearance of dark spots, dry flaky skin and creases, which usually come out of age but can also be caused by the sun. Hence, a few changes in everyday routine might help.

Make it a habit of consuming at least 10-12 glasses of water every day. Always, moisturize your hands after washing them and apply sunscreen regularly to avoid any sun damage. All these small changes will assist in keeping the hands soft, smooth and hydrated.

There are numerous hand rejuvenation treatments that can reduce the appearance of creases from the hands, you will just have to select the right one and of course, don’t forget to eat nutritious food and commit to a healthy lifestyle to hold on to your youth longer.

Revitalize Your Skin from Within with Vitamin C Treatment!

Vitamin C Treatment in Melbourne


It is difficult to stop the ageing process completely but thankfully there are effective means to delay the process and give the skin a healthy dose of nourishment. Sun damage, pollution and premature ageing leave the skin parched and wrinkled. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend using potent creams and emollients with vitamin C as the active ingredient as vitamin C treatment helps in rejuvenating the skin. 

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that reduces wrinkles and illuminates the skin of the face. Of course, we all know that vitamin C is an essential nutrient to be included in our diet, but what we do not know is also a key ingredient in the health of our skin.

What are the true effects of vitamin C treatment?

– It has antioxidant properties, so it protects the skin from free radicals, typical of contaminated environments. 

– Visibly diminishes fine lines and signs of age. This is due to its contribution to the collagen production of the skin. 

– Helps to reduce skin damage caused by the sun, as well as favours the elimination of spots of the same. 

– Encourages blood circulation, so after the treatment with vitamin C, the effects of the moisturizers and serums subsequently applied are doubled.

There are many ways to incorporate the necessary doses of vitamin C in the face, one of the most recommended and effective is through concentrates of pure vitamin C on the skin. 

For those with more mature skin and wish to recover the elasticity and luminosity of the face, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we recommend the use of vitamin C serums and creams to fight against cellular ageing.

Here, we have enlisted a few favourite serums and creams with concentrated vitamin C, which have shown effective results in rejuvenating the face:

ASAP Vitamin C Serum: This rejuvenating facial serum contains vitamin C concentrate and anti-oxidants that hydrates the skin and reduces blemishes. A special ultra-moisturizing serum to fight wrinkles and expression lines. The vitamin C treatment using this serum provides anti-inflammatory properties, and protects the skin against free radicals, among other things. 

Aspect DR Active C Serum: Another most recommended Vitamin C product is Aspect’s serum. Special to minimize pores, eliminate acne, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve collagen production and regenerate skin cells. 

Cosmedix Pure “C”: The active presence of vitamin C makes this cream so very popular. This product is used to reduce skin ageing and depigmentation. Brings luminosity, firmness and hydration to your skin when applied day and night. Recommended for all skin types, this is a great choice for those who are looking forward to a glowing, smooth and radiant skin using vitamin C treatment.

Dermaceutic C25 Cream: This premium quality cream is special because it contains not only vitamin C but also vitamins A, B5, E and polyphenols. Together they deeply nourish the skin and fights all the known signs of ageing. You will get a more luminous, hydrated and rejuvenated skin as it corrects the flaccidity of the skin. This product is absolutely free of parabens and it is not comedogenic.

Obagi C RX Cleansing Gel: While checking out all the vitamin C induced creams and serums, we would suggest giving this cleansing gel a chance. This cleansing gel very gently removes all the dirt and grime from the skin. It also helps in maintaining a healthy and clear skin by protecting the skin from free radicals.

The passage of time causes the amount of collagen and elastin production in the skin to decrease, which translates in the loss of firmness of the face and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. There are several methods to recover that lost collagen and elastin in the face.  At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, apart from such effective creams and lotions, we specifically refer skin boosters, facial fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and laser therapy for instant visible results.

Thus, the result is real skin rejuvenation without invasive surgery or needles. The above-mentioned non-invasive treatments can be customised in a combination of two or three for acquiring desired results in a shorter period of time.

A beautiful You starts with healthy skin and here, we always suggest to follow a strict beauty regime for a glowing and radiant skin. You can start with the vitamin C cleansing gel, followed by a brilliant vitamin C serum and finally topped up with a vitamin C cream. The combination of these three will effectively restore the lost brightness and luminosity to the face. Eliminating blackheads, acne scars, fine lines and toxins from the skin are the main effects of following this skin care regime. 

In addition, this type of treatment is recommended for all skin types. Although, before purchasing such dermatological products, we at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, advice you to carry out a free skin consultation to determine the cosmetics recommended for your specific skin type and its side-effects and other concerns. 

For booking a free consultation with us or to know more about this topic, contact us at admin@nitai.com.au.

Do You Know What Causes Age Spots?

Age Spots Removal in Melbourne


At a certain age, it is inevitable that the skin loses a bit of vitality and begin to emerge the first signs of ageing. A very common sign of ageing is the appearance of small black or brown spots in various places such as the neck, face and hands. This skin disorder is known as solar lentigines or also known as age spots, and usually appear after 40 years, although they could also appear at the age of 30 due to certain circumstances such as the genetics of a person.

If you are wondering  “why are there spots on the skin with age?”, in this article, we will explain the main causes of solar lentigines and some tips to delay their appearance in our dermis.

Causes of age spots on the skin:

The solar lentigines or age spots are painless spots that occur because of the slowdown in cell function due to the ageing and sun exposure, which causes an irregular production of melanin in our body. These are very common from the age of 40 and, in general, appear in areas such as the back of the hands, face and neck, although they can also appear in other regions of our body such as the back, shoulders and feet.

If you wonder why skin spots appear with age, then we tell you its main causes:

● Overexposure to UV rays:

This is undoubtedly the most important cause of the appearance of spots. The excesses of sun or prolonged sessions in tanning chambers, accumulate over the years in our skin and, as a result, occurs at a certain age an abnormal production of melanin that derives in solar lentigines.

● Inheritance:

Age spots are more likely to appear in some people, simply because of genetic issues.

● Photosensitizing compounds:

This cause has nothing to do with age. Some substances that contain certain products for skin care can cause us allergic reactions when we expose ourselves to the sun, producing spots in the dermis.

● Other causes:

May also arise from chronic diseases or nutrition deficient in vitamins.

Treatment to eliminate skin spots by age:

Age spots are painless and mostly they do not lead to other skin diseases. However, if you do not like having them on your skin, there are aesthetic treatments such as skin peeling, Fraxel laser therapy, etc. that can remarkably eliminate them.

Apart from that, there are other creams or lotions based on hydroquinone, a compound with whitening properties that is responsible for lightening the dark areas of the skin. But, before using this type of treatment, it is essential that you go to a professional trained in dermatology since hydroquinone can cause adverse effects in people with sensitive skin, such as skin reactions and blisters.

Tips to prevent stains that come with age:

● Always use half an hour before any sun exposure, high quality sunscreens that, at least, contain a protection factor of 30.

● Avoid sun exposure in the hours where UV rays are most harmful. That is, from 11 in the morning until 3 pm.

● You can sunbathe daily, as long as you are not exposed more than half an hour to UV rays.

● Also protect your body, especially if you have sensitive skin, with the right clothes. In addition, sunglasses should also be worn during the day to protect the eyes.

● Try to follow a diet rich in antioxidants, as these nutrients protect us from free radicals and cellular oxidation, thus preventing premature aging of the skin.

Always Stand Tall and Beautiful with Our Amazing Neck Rejuvenation Treatment

Neck Rejuvenation Treatment at Nitai Skin Clinic


Our neck not only supports the face, but it is also a symbol of our inner strength, confidence and grace. But, as the burden of age weighs on us, the skin around the neck gets wrinkled, loose and saggy, thus ruining the elegance of the once-slender neck.

In the process of ageing of the neck, the skin follows the same processes as any other photo-exposed area. However, it has a peculiarity, that is, the appearance of horizontal lines called strings or bands, which is the result of the ageing of a thin muscle. It is more visible in active contraction movements. It appears, even though people are concerned about preserving the beauty of their face, but, they often forget to care for their neck properly, which is equally significant in uplifting the overall attractiveness of the face. The neck, like the hands, reveals all the information about a person’s actual age, so while opting for any cosmetic treatment on face, don’t forget to work on your neck also if you really want to reduce some number of years. Many patients are realizing this fact now, and more and more patients are leaning towards neck rejuvenation treatment.

Anti-ageing Treatments for Neck Rejuvenation:

We have different treatments to rejuvenate the skin: laser, chemical peels, anti-wrinkle injections and most important of all dermal fillers. Depending on the type of creases around the neck, our skin doctor suggests the most efficient neck rejuvenation treatment.

At the outer skin level:

To rejuvenate the neck we need to act on both the skin and muscle levels. For the first, that is to act on the surface of the skin, there are several procedures such as peeling, dermal fillers and Fraxel lasers to apparently reduce wrinkles and tone the neck.

At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we highly recommend either hyaluronic acid fillers or Fraxel Laser Treatment based on the skin texture and the intensity of the wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers give volume to the skin and enrich it with deep hydration. On top of that, dermal fillers also enhance the luminosity of the skin, lending it a fresh, glowing look.

All these are non-aggressive techniques, which does not involve any surgery or excessive pain and one can resume the daily activity perfectly after the treatments. The number of sessions is variable, depending on the degree of ageing. With these neck rejuvenation treatments, we will be able to eliminate spots, wrinkles and produce a tension of the whole skin. The effect is visible in the first days, but more evident months later (thanks to the synthesis of new collagen).

At the muscle level:

To eliminate or correct the bands or horizontal lines of the neck we have fewer options. Non-surgical and temporary solutions involve cosmetic injections, such as our premium quality anti-wrinkle injections, which requires repetition after every 4-6 months.

Thread-lifting Treatment:

The magical thread-lifting treatment uses soft thread sutures to redefine structures or to collect the excess skin of the jowls. They are useful techniques, but they do not produce deep rejuvenation, nor do they act on the neck bands at a deeper level.

Daily Care to Prevent Neck Wrinkles:

The most recommended solution is the frequent use of the photoresist or sunscreen to counteract the effect of UV light as it results in premature ageing. It is advisable to not use cheap perfume products as they might harm the skin and contribute to fast ageing of the skin. Finally, we must choose products that have retinoid or pure vitamin C as a rejuvenating active ingredient to promote complete neck rejuvenation.

To book a free consultation on neck rejuvenation or to gain more information on neck rejuvenation process, contact us at admin@nitai.com.au.

Skin Boosters Treatment: Make Your Skin Bloom with Good Health!

Skin Boosters Treatment at Nitai Skin Clinic


Seasons change but their harsh impact on skin remains the same. In Summer, the scorching heat of the sun and the intense UV rays ruin the gentle texture of the skin. Whereas in winter, the dry weather extracts all the natural moisture of the skin leaving it dry and dull. In short, be it any time of the year, it is next to impossible to protect the skin from blemishes, scars, and collagen loss. But, not anymore. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Clinic, our team of experts use a brilliant skin booster injection that can rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin from within for a long period of time. Using the vitalizing properties of the hyaluronic acid, this skin-boosting treatment brings in a revolutionary change in the skin.

Entrusted with the confidence and belief of hundreds of individuals, Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre is very much concerned about the well-being of its patients. Hence, only after scrupulously testing the profile of the cosmetic injectable, we are introducing it to our patients in Melbourne. What is this skin booster treatment? Let us find out in detail.

As age progresses, our skin loses its natural moisture and elasticity. With the aid of skin booster treatment, the skin experiences a soft, rejuvenated & healthy texture. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use hyaluronic acid injectable as skin booster. The hyaluronic acid is a hydrophilic compound, which very easily combines with the inner water content and thus, gives volume to the skin and revitalizes the skin.

The hyaluronic acid is a component that already exists in our body. Normally hyaluronic acid help in giving volume to the face by filling the shallow areas, but here they are used to awaken the glow and radiance of the skin. Hyaluronic acid also acts as a nutrient transporter, regulating the water balance and providing volume and structure to our skin. The hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and thus helps to ease out the appearance of fine lines and replenish the skin. Skin boosters restore the natural hydration of the skin through microinjections with high quality reticulated hyaluronic acid.

Why choose hyaluronic acid skin booster over other treatments?

Thanks to the application of hyaluronic acid of high quality used at Nitai Skin Clinic in Melbourne, smooth wrinkles and fine lines can be easily eliminated and the facial contours can also be enhanced. Recent trends in aesthetic medical treatments seek a natural and hydrated look which these skin boosters provide. This treatment provides internal rejuvenation of our skin without any dire side effect. Skin booster gives the skin greater vitality and regenerates the areas most affected by photoaging and sun exposure. The Skin boosters (the latest in facial rejuvenation without surgery) are performed by skin experts on both men and women for optimum results.

How does Skin Booster treatment in Melbourne help us?

We all notice over the years how our skin loses its quality and health. One of the main reasons is the reduction of elastic collagen and fibre but along with that, the quality of our hyaluronic acid also decreases with age, an effect that we notice both in the skin and in the joints. We cannot blame the whole ageing process on genetic codes as genes are not the only one responsible, there is another critical factor in play here; sun damage caused by responsible UV rays, which causes almost 80% of the ageing of our skin.

The Skin boosters help us recover that irreparable damage instigated by harmful sun rays by improving the collagen build-up and the water balance of our skin. We all know that hydrated and nourished skin is always a sturdy sign of youth. Skin boosters provide lasting hydration and visible, natural improvements in the quality of the skin in areas such as face, neck, hands and neckline. To top it up, hyaluronic acid also augments elasticity and firmness, reducing the rugosity of the skin to a great extent.

What is the duration of the result of the skin booster treatment?

Depending on the type of skin boosters used, the result of the treatment might vary. But, in most cases, the effect of the skin boosters lasts between 6-9 months.

Skin booster treatment in Melbourne is very safe (with a well-known risk profile) and hassle-free treatment that is becoming more and more popular by the day. So, if you also want back your lost glow and radiance, give this unique treatment a chance as it is not permanent but is reabsorbed over time. Hence, if you are not happy with the results, you can always stop.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne


When we think about the benefits of laser hair removal, we usually come to the comfort of not having to shave again. But is that really the only benefit that can be obtained from a laser treatment? Perhaps we are overlooking other aspects and facts on laser hair removal treatment that are also important.

What are the advantages of Laser Hair Removal?

  • Comfortable and easy:

The convenience of forgetting about hair removal is an indisputable benefit. Currently, there is no method that eliminates hair growth at 100%. However, the laser technique manages to finish, in most cases, with 95% of the initial hair permanently.  The hair melanin attracts the laser light leading to the root where the hair follicle is responsible for hair growth. Once it reaches the follicle, it destroys it preventing the hair from growing back.

  • It is safe (with a well known minimal risk profile) and fast:

    The laser technology does not imply any risk if the instructions of the skin doctor are followed. At Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use a Medical Grade Laser for effective results. Our doctors value the type of hair and skin you have got and thus, set up a customised treatment that best suits your skin.

In the first session usually, the results are noticed. Although it is important to emphasize that the process of definitive hair removal is progressive. It depends on the growth phase in which the follicle is located when the treatment is performed.

The hair cycle consists of different phases; anagen, catagen and telogen. The phase of the hair cycle in which laser hair removal is effective is anagen. If the hair is not in that phase, you will need more sessions to definitively end it.

  • Heals dermatological concerns as well:

Laser hair removal is recommended by doctors to combat folliculitis and hirsutism. The folliculitis is a condition that is caused, in many cases, by traditional methods of depilation. The hair becomes encyst and generates boils that can become infected. Eliminating hair permanently with laser hair removal, also eliminates the possibility of suffering folliculitis.

Hirsutism is the medical term used to describe excess hair. Laser hair removal is the solution for those who, due to hormonal or other causes, have excessive hair.

  • A clean and hygienic method:

A hair-free skin provides greater hygiene. The sweat is odourless; the smell of sweat is derived from bacteria that break down because of moisture. A skin without hair, dries fast and in this way we avoid the decomposition that generates bad smell.

A depilated skin also facilitates the healing of wounds quicker. The hair contains bacteria that can cause infections. By removing the hair, we will help the correct wound healing by avoiding any complication during the process.

  • Aesthetics:

Being able to successfully get rid of hair from those unwanted areas without any complexity is an undoubted benefit. Removing hair from those areas will help you feel more confident with your physique. The back, shoulders, chest, ears, hands, legs or in any part of the body, you can perform laser hair removal treatments, and forget about hair worry definitely.

  • Anybody can do it:

You can perform a laser hair removal treatment on any type of skin or hair, except grey hair. White hair is characterized by a lack of melanin, therefore, the laser is not attracted to the follicle and the treatment is not effective.

Take advantage of all the benefits provided by the ultimate method of hair removal. Join the laser and say goodbye to unwanted hair.

What is the Best Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal Treatment in Melbourne?

Eye bag removal treatment in Melbourne


Eyes are the most expressive part of our face but their attractiveness is diminished when bags and dark circles start surfacing in the face giving it a very tired and sad look.

The bags that appear under the eyes can be due to several reasons, such as fatigue, inadequate nutrition, and even genetics. It can be due to the accumulation of liquids, which can be eliminated with cosmetic products; and those of fat, which until now are impossible to eliminate without surgery.

But, Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre presents an innovative eye bag removal treatment in Melbourne, which manages to eliminate the annoying bags without going through the operating room. The surgical option for the bags is not the best as can be seen in many cases after the removal of these bags. It had a secondary effect after a few years of aesthetic treatment, the appearance of what is called cadaverous orbit is to say, a basin of the eye sinks excessively, which produces a little flattering aspect.

What are the main signs of fatigue on the face?

Eye bags

They are alterations of the colouration of the skin under the eyes due to an excessive production of melanin and to the dilatation of the capillaries near the surface of the skin. Hereditary factors are one of its main causes (people with a family history of dark circles are more likely to have them). In the fairer-skinned people, this also occurs in subtypes with greater pigmentation (such as the Mediterranean). The physiological dilation of nerve vessels and the loss of thickness of the skin that occurs over the years cause dark circles to accentuate in the elderly. Apart from these circumstances, dark circles may appear as a consequence of diseases (allergies, eczema, atopic dermatitis, conjunctivitis, hormonal alteration states, vascular problems …). Contrary to what was traditionally believed, sun exposure, tiredness or lack of sleep are not direct cause of dark circles, but they do worsen them, and make them prominent.

Eyelid bags

It is the protrusion, externally visible, of the adiposities that are anatomically in the orbital regions of all human beings, although they can also be due to an excess of skin, which is then more striking on the upper eyelids.

There is a certain constitutional hereditary predisposition to present this type of aesthetic defect, a trend that is accentuated with age. In some cases, the bags have their origin in fluid retention (edema); then they can be indicative of the existence of systemic diseases of cardiac, renal, thyroid origin, of protein loss or of immunological alterations. Some pathological processes themselves (contact eczema) can also cause this type of aesthetic defect. As with dark circles, there are a number of external factors that can favour the appearance of bags; for instance, excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress or sleep disorders.

What is the most recommended eye bag removal treatment in Melbourne?

The dermal fillers are typically the treatment of choice for removing eye bags without surgery. Dermal fillers are gels composed of a substance called hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body that can restore the lost volume (or add a new volume) to soft facial tissues.

For patients whose eye bags are caused by deflation of the cheek, dermal fillers can restore the smooth transition from the eye under the cheeks, thus eliminating the appearance of bags under the eyes. It is a resorbable product, non-permanent, sterile, viscoelastic, transparent, colourless, which, after the clinical trials carried out to date, has shown great efficacy and excellent safety in patients, which make it different from the rest of the fillers.

Eye bag removal treatment in Melbourne is for both men and women, in young, middle-aged and elderly patients. Many times, dark circles are a genetic inheritance and appear relatively soon. In some cases, the patients are young who do not show wrinkles, but have the sunken area, or other patients who have been subjected to juvenile acne treatments using very aggressive creams, very absorbent, very astringent, and have very aged periocular area. Occasionally patients present darkened eye area, so if you have any such issue, get in touch with us at admin@nitai.com.au.

Can Cosmetic Treatment Like Dermal Filler Make You Look Younger?

Cosmetic treatment for a youthful look


Ageing is a natural process but, in some, the effect of ageing shows up a little early than anticipated due to sun damage, pollution, hectic lifestyle, etc. In such cases, our skin requires something extra to soothe and rejuvenate the skin from within. After investing years of dedication and practice, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we have adopted the most effective cosmetic injectable treatment that removes most of the skin ageing concerns like volume loss, wrinkles, dull and withered skin. Can you guess what are we talking about? Yes, it is dermal fillers. So, let us try to understand if such a cosmetic treatment may help you look younger in a natural manner.

The popularity of dermal fillers among Australian women has established dermal filler as personal favourite of many cosmetic physicians as well. Cosmetic doctors like Dr Shobhna Singh, who has the experience of training other physicians and nurses, consider hyaluronic acid dermal fillers as one of the most convenient and effective skin rejuvenating treatment. Of course, it is important to take into account the patient’s facial structure and then apply the appropriate injection techniques to avoid or correct erroneous facial movements.

Our face can be divided into different areas like upper face, lower face, etc. so these require different treatment approaches, and, at the same time, the face should be treated in a comprehensive manner to maintain a harmony in facial features. For this reason, we always suggest going for a proper consultation with a licenced practitioner before moving forward with the aesthetic filler treatment.

Despite the increasing inclination of women towards the treatment with hyaluronic acid to improve their self-esteem, still, according to the study conducted by Allergan, there are still some women who have their doubts about anti-ageing treatment with dermal fillers in Melbourne. Faces are like classic paintings, where every stroke of brush conveys the hidden emotions, similar to our facial expressions that reflect the type of wrinkles and folds appearing in our face. And the treating physician must understand how the face moves during facial expression and take this aspect into account in the treatment plans. Then, the possibility of ending up with a fake, puffed up or frozen look subsides, and with that the fear of the patients also disappear.

Moreover, the cosmetic doctor ensures that another key to a successful cosmetic treatment is to make a personalized diagnosis based on a balance between what the patient wants and what he really needs. For this we must take into account the patient’s emotional attributes, that is if you are tired; if you have sagging skin; if you are sad or angry; if you want to have a thinner face, female or male; or if you want a more youthful or attractive look.

Next, it will be the aesthetic doctor who will decide the best treatment plan adapted to the needs of the person. It is important to take proper decisions like at what precise points the cosmetic injectables must be injected or what quantity of fillers should be used, to avoid unwanted results.

Similarly, the dermal filler products used should have a very good capacity to fill while remaining mouldable for a couple of days, which means that the filling is perfectly integrated under the skin of the injected area and then hardens, so it does not deform or move, achieving natural aesthetic results and great comfort for the patients. Overall, we can conclude that in order to attain natural-looking youthful skin, it is imperative to find the right physician, right clinic and right product, as it is the combination of these three that makes the dermal filler anti-ageing treatment with hyaluronic acid so successful.

Discovering a youthful, nourished and hydrated skin is very much possible. So, get your confidence and beauty back with hyaluronic facial fillers. If you need any more information on dermal fillers in Melbourne, get in touch with us at admin@nitai.com.au or you can read how dermal fillers help in restoring volume.

Benefits of Fraxel Laser: The Fastest Route to Skin Rejuvenation!

Benefits of Fraxel Laser in Melbourne

Can you name the numerous agonies that our skin faces every day? The penetrating UVA and UVB rays, the harsh pollutants, smoke, dust and unfriendly weather effects, all of them conspire together to veil the liveliness and radiance of the skin. On top of that, to hide the dullness of the skin, we keep on increasing the number of skin products, chemicals and make-up, which exacerbates the skin condition even more.

That is when we need a little respite from time to time, a saviour of the innocence of the skin, something that can preserve and radiate the shine that is so characteristic of you. Thanks to the great advancement in the field of aesthetic medicine, we have at our disposal thousands of alternatives that can help our skin, however, there is one that stands out above all, and that is the Fraxel Laser.

The uncountable attributes of fraxel laser have claimed a top spot among all other alternatives. However, sadly, we all are not very scrupulously acquainted with the pros and cons of the fraxel laser. Well, no issue, that can be very easily fixed. So, here’s our blog absolutely dedicated to understanding the benefits of fraxel laser in Melbourne and the side-effects as well (if there is any).

1.Fraxel Laser can improve skin elasticity:

As it cannot be otherwise, let us begin our discussion on the fraxel laser by referring to its most important characteristic, that is, retaining the elasticity of the skin. If there is something this laser gets from the first session is to improve the elasticity of our skin, due to the emission that provide their waves in the dermis during its application. The optical light that affects our skin causes this regeneration of new cells, which make our skin healthier and brighter, without damaging any of the most superficial layers.

2. Fast, simple, effective and durable:

Many patients at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre would consider Fraxel Laser as a piece of cake! At first, the medical team would carry out a study and diagnosis of the area to be treated, then, with the patient’s approval and support, we start the skin treatment using fraxel laser.

Depending on the area and the type of treatment, more or less session time will be necessary, although approximately an average of 20-30 minutes per zone is usually required. Prior to the beginning of the session, a local anaesthetic will be applied so that the patient does not have any type of discomfort and the fraxel laser treatment can be done as quickly as possible.

One of the advantages of this treatment is that at the end of the treatment, the patient can lead a normal life, although it is usually recommended to maintain constant hydration of the skin and usually, to avoid continuous exposure to the Sun. Regarding the results, there is no need to worry because they will be observed after the recovery of the skin.

3. It can be applied to treat any part of the body:

The Fraxel Laser can be applied to any part of our body and can help us eliminate a large number of imperfections in the skin.  There are innumerable benefits of fraxel lasers used in Melbourne. It heals the ailment in our body from head to toe like stimulating hair growth, removing scars, treating acne, etc. Be it any sort of dermatological malady, fraxel laser has always got an answer to it.

4. 3 to 5 Sessions can be enough:

Basically, the number of required sessions varies with the condition and expectations of the patient and also, the type of skin with which we are working. While it is true the average is usually between 3 and 5 sessions but there is nothing pre-established for the Fraxel Laser. It is true that when making an application in a fractional way, it is usually more than normal for only a small part of the tissues to receive that energy so it will have to be repeated to complete the area of ​​action and, therefore, be much more effective and durable.

5. Impressive results against stretch marks, scars, spots and acne marks:

Goodbye imperfections, that’s what our laser likes best. The main use that is usually given in aesthetic medicine is to eliminate all types of scars, sunspots and marks caused by acne.

In the modern times, fraxel laser has turned out to be an effective tool against stretch marks among women. It is important to know that in case of stretch marks removal with fraxel laser, the number of sessions may increase depending on the size and degree of aging that these stretch marks have.

Although it is not its main strength, it can also be used in certain cases in the removal of varicose veins with laser, such as the vascular laser.

6. It helps us eliminate sun spots:

One of the most common practices of the Fraxel Laser is the elimination of stains caused by solar radiation. Its demand is very common after summer, since it is the highest season in which our body is in constant exposure, even to produce actinic keratosis, something that we can eliminate with a few sessions.

7. A painless, secured treatment process:

It is true that the pain threshold is not the same for all patients and, therefore, anaesthesia is applied on the area to be treated, thus eliminating any type of pain during the treatment procedure. To be honest, a certain sensation of discomfort might be felt but nothing else out of the ordinary when performing some session of laser hair removal or even a tattoo.

8. The results are permanent unlike other skin treatments:

If there is a treatment that guarantees that the results are permanent, it is undoubtedly this type of laser. Out of all the benefits of fraxel laser, the elimination of marks, spots and scars are for life, in terms of stretch marks if we have to say that they may not be completely definitive, especially if we do not take care of our skin. For example, if we are prone to the appearance of spots after the summer in the facial area, after the laser we will have to take more care and protect ourselves much more from sun exposure.

It is important to remember that in each session regeneration of new cells is achieved, something that helps in the activation of the elasticity of the skin.

9. There are minimal side effects in the Fraxel Laser:

Compared to all the benefits of fraxel laser, they are so minimal that they are not really considered side effects. The only thing that can happen is the feeling of intense heat in the treated area in the next 2-3 hours and some small redness or irritation, something that will disappear on the same day.

10. It can be combined with other cosmetic treatments for proper skin rejuvenation:

If what we are looking for is a skin rejuvenation in a fast way, this treatment with Fraxel laser is the most successful. Together with its companions such as hyaluronic acid fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, the wrinkles can be eliminated, the volume of the damaged facial areas can be returned, and a rapid rejuvenation can be expected.

For any further information on Fraxel Laser or for a free consultation, don’t forget to get in touch with us at admin@nitai.com.au.

Be Sure, Be Safe! Early Detection is Perfect for Skin Cancer Prevention

Tips for Skin Cancer prevention


Skin cancer is a disease whose incidence is increasing in our country gradually. There are, broadly speaking, two major types of skin cancer:

  • the nonmelanoma skin cancer (including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma),
  • The malignant melanoma.

The incidence of melanoma is 8 / 100,000 inhabitants per year and that of non-melanoma skin cancer is 160 / 100,000 inhabitants per year. Skin cancer is the most frequent of all those that affect the human being, with basal cell carcinoma being the most usual, although less aggressive, and malignant melanoma one of the most deadly and that can appear in young people, unlike other types of cancer.

Risk factors: Avoid them at all costs for skin cancer prevention!

In all types of skin cancer, sun exposure plays a fundamental role, but there are other factors as well, such as genetic predisposition, phototype (skin colour, light hair and eyes will be more dangerous), burns in childhood, etc., which increase the risk of suffering from this type of cancer.

Skin Cancer Prevention in Melbourne is always better than cure!

In skin cancer, prevention is a fundamental pillar, since it has been seen that a correct photoprotection can prevent an important percentage of this type of cancer. In fact, it is known that 80% of the accumulated radiation is received before the age of 18. The use of sunscreens in photoexposed areas in the first 20 years of life reduces the risk of skin cancer by 85%.
Intermittent solar exposure, derived from Western lifestyle habits (exposure on the beach during the summer months), exposure in the first decades of life and other similar habits increase the risk of skin cancer.

How can we prevent the occurrence of skin cancer?

  • Avoid sun exposure between 11 and 16 hours,
  • Use photoprotection also on cloudy days,
  • Avoid long sun exposures,
  • Avoid exposure to artificial ultraviolet radiation (tanning booths),
  • Use the appropriate sunscreen for each type of skin or area of the body (cream, spray, milk or gel), phototype, age and exposure circumstances.
    Renew the application of sunscreen at 2 hours and after each bath.
  • Do not use too much colognes, deodorants or other cosmetics.
  • Monitor changes in colour, shape or size of freckles or moles and consult an accredited skin cancer doctor for any changes.
  • Protect the eyes with sunglasses that have 100% UV protection.
  • Use the highest photoprotection. In the oncological patient, this higher protection will not be limited only to the first solar exposures, but during all exposures.
  • Extreme precautions must be maintained on the most sensitive parts of the body to the sun for skin cancer prevention in Melbourne: face, neck, bald head, shoulders, neckline, ears, hands and insteps.

Early diagnostics of skin cancer helps!

Also framed within the prevention, the role of early diagnosis is paramount, since it is capable of reducing mortality, especially in the case of melanoma, and of reducing the morbidity of the rest of skin cancers.

For the early diagnosis, a visit to a skin doctor is essential, but the surveys show that most of the Australians have never gone to the dermatological consultation, even having a history of skin cancers in the family. Public awareness campaigns convey the importance of skin self-examination following the ABCDE rule where, moles with Asymmetry, irregular Border, different Colour, Diameter greater than 6mm and Evolution (which come out new, change, itch, bleed, etc.), a visit to an Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor is recommended.

We have an excellent tool to help early diagnosis of skin cancer: digital dermatoscopy, which allows us to take a global picture of the patient and also microscopic images of each of the moles, which will allow a comprehensive and effective monitoring, so that, if new lesions appear or those already existing suffer changes, they can be diagnosed quickly. In this way, effective treatment with an excellent prognosis can be proposed.

In recent years, an increase in melanoma survival has been detected due to the diagnosis and early treatment of melanoma. Mortality usually occurs around 65 years of age and represents a very minor fraction of cancer deaths in our country.

Let us all beat skin cancer together!

In melanoma or skin cancer detection, close follow-up by means of digital dermatoscopy will be essential, and in the presence of a suspicious lesion it is better to carry out an early treatment, which is associated with an excellent prognosis.

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What are the benefits of microdermabrasion?

Benefits of Microdermabrasion in Melbourne


Must have heard about the unmatched glow and luminescence provided by microdermabrasion. But, do you know what is the basis of microdermabrasion in Melbourne, how does it benefit the skin or does it cause any side-effect? Read through to find out everything about the benefits of microdermabrasion in Melbourne.

What is microdermabrasion?

It is an aesthetic technique to achieve a more effective exfoliation than the traditional, eliminating dead skin cells, cleaning it to deeper levels and stimulating the production of collagen.

In this way, microdermabrasion leads to complete cell regeneration, resulting in a smoother, more elastic, luminous and healthy dermis. The microdermabrasion has a deeper and more effective effect than any other peel and is much less aggressive to the skin allowing its use also to sensitive skin.

How does microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion is performed with a small instrument to recover the beauty of the face by the microdermabrasion or exfoliation, with this end expels microcrystals of aluminum oxide and aims layer of dead cells. The intensity of the treatment will vary depending on the need of each skin.
In this way, the different layers of the skin are polished and then completely regenerated.

Something that will be noticed immediately after the microdermabrasion session due to the luminosity and great smoothness of the dermis obtaining a smoother and healthier skin sensation.

What is the procedure of microdermabrasion treatment in Melbourne?

The treatment of microdermabrasion consists of several sessions whose number, as well as its duration, will vary depending on the problems that the skin has. The average round between 5 and 10 sessions, of about 15 to 45 minutes, in an average of one to two weeks to let the dermis regenerate.

Advantages and benefits of microdermabrasion:

Microdermabrasion has many benefits for skin problems, such as fine lines, stretch marks, wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin, small scars, sun damaged skin and scars caused by acne or acne.

These are some other advantages and benefits of microdermabrasion:

● Increases the circulation of blood capillaries getting a more nourished and oxygenated skin and therefore healthier.

● Reduces the effects of skin ageing from excessive sun exposure.

● No recovery time is needed, and you can continue with daily life.

● In combination with certain peelings improves stretch marks.

● Attenuates the effects of skin aging.

● Erases fine lines and wrinkles.

● Reduces skin blemishes

● Eliminate black and white points.

● Close the pores

● It is painless.

● They found that it not only increases the collagen precursors but also other elements associated with cell regeneration.

Disadvantages and disadvantages of microdermabrasion:

We already know the advantages and benefits of microdermabrasion as a skin rejuvenation technique, but it also has some drawbacks such as:

● The most sensitive areas, such as around the lips, close to the eyes and on the nose, may remain red, but only for a few hours and you may also have a feeling of discomfort.

● There are some cases of allergy to crystallites used in microdermabrasion. In the first session, a test is usually done on the forearm, otherwise, you can request it. If itching or inflammation occurs, as an allergy sample, it cannot be treated with microdermabrasion.

● Other disadvantages of the microdermabrasion come from bad use of the vacuum cleaner and the applicator or lack of hygiene.

● Its application at a very high intensity can produce irritations and even damage the skin of the person. Not sterilizing the instruments can lead to the transmission of skin infections. To avoid these last drawbacks, make sure to put yourself in the hands of a good professional.

Lacto Peels: Know All About its Benefits and Side-effects

Lacto Peels Treatment in Melbourne


As people are becoming more and more cautious about their appearance and beauty, the demand for aesthetic treatments is also increasing. Skin peels, being one of the most popular skin treatments against scars, pigmentation and uneven toning, has acclaimed huge popularity nowadays. But the commonly used chemical peels are also considered harsh for very sensitive skin. So, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we prefer using lacto peels.

If you are wondering what type of peel this is, then let us explain it to you. The lacto peels or the enzymatic peeling is one of the softest exfoliation treatments that exist, which is why it is usually used on the most sensitive, dark skin or even with acne. This type of exfoliation is based on the use of natural products such as lactic acid concentration generated from milk and other gentle resources such as aloe vera, pumpkin, pineapple and other fruits, whose plant enzymes are able to penetrate the skin, scraping out the dead cells without causing any damage to the living cells.

Therefore, exfoliation or enzymatic peeling can be used to remove dead skin cells, thus accelerating cell renewal, reducing skin blemishes and fine lines of expression, improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and reducing discolouration, and also the damage caused by the sun. All without damaging the most sensitive skin.

What is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid belongs to the family of carboxylic and alpha-hydroxylic acids, frequently known as AHA. The very renowned salicylic acid, which is used to treat acne problems, also belong to this group of AHA, and so does the different types of glycolic acids that are used for peeling, or as a lotion to renew the dead cells and uniform the tone of the face. All of them have depigmenting effects and soften the upper layer of the epidermis. Depending on the type of result, one or the other can be used. Apart from normal peeling, the lactic acid peel is applied to remove warts, corns and calluses in different areas of the human body.

It also has more applications in cosmetics due to its properties as a bactericidal agent and facial depigmenting agent. In the range of beauty products, lactic acid has contributed a great deal. It is certainly used as a concealer of the acidity of cosmetics. To do this, it is added to balance the pH and bring it to the proper level of the epidermis. It is also included in low amounts in shampoos, gels and different types of moisturizing lotions and cosmetic emulsions.

All these sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? So, without further ado, let us find out all the benefits as well as side-effects of the lacto peel treatment.

Benefits of lactic acid peeling or lacto peels:

This type of treatment does not rub the skin like mechanical peelings or damage living cells as in the case of chemical peeling, which is why there is no recovery time. However, the enzymatic peel is able to accelerate the natural exfoliation process, helping the skin to get rid of dead cells, cleaning the pores and improving their texture and elasticity.

Some Precise Pointers on Skin Benefits:

 Topical bactericide.

 Psoriasis treatment

 Improves the elasticity of the skin.

 Eliminate imperfections.

 Depigmenting effects.

 It works as an exfoliant.

 Cell renewal.

 As an astringent ingredient.

 Corrects the pH.

 Stimulates the production of natural collagen.

 Eliminates excess fat in the skin.

Side effects of Lactic Acid Peeling or Lacto Peels:

 Redness.

 Irritation.

 Peeling.

 Pruritus (severe itching).

 Stinging or burning sensation

 Burns at high doses.

Some people may have symptoms and adverse reactions more easily than others. This is due to a greater sensitivity of the skin. Generally, after using an AHA acid, the patient’s skin may create tolerance towards these cosmetic molecules over the sessions of skin peel treatment, causing the red skin and burning to disappear easily. In those cases, you have to increase the dose to have the expected effects and results.

Post Treatment: The most crucial advice would be to keep the skin hydrated. So, we suggest you to keep drinking lots of water in a day and always apply a good moisturizer of gentle pH to maintain the suppleness of the skin. Along with all these, it is best if you could protect the skin from direct sun rays. We recommend a broad-spectrum sunscreen application every day and cover the skin with cloth before heading out in the sun.

Lacto peel is a recently introduced skin peel method, if you are inquisitive to know more about the process, contact us at admin@nitai.com.au.

Things to Know About Platelet Rich Plasma Injection

PRP Injections in Melbourne


In modern times, platelet rich plasma therapy is considered as one of the latest rejuvenation treatments that have emerged to combat the premature ageing of the face. The treatment of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the new source of youth as it releases a good amount of growth factors which act by regenerating the damaged tissues of each cell.

It is a fairly simple procedure, painless and does not require any rest or downtime. The best part is that it helps to improve the facial imperfections. This is because a portion of the person’s own blood is taken to make the preparation.

The first thing we have to say is that it is a procedure increasingly requested by patients, this happens because it is an outpatient procedure that is non -invasive and does not require any surgery. Secondly, PRP has important benefits on aged skin, since it restores cutaneous vitality, increases its thickness and luminosity; thus, it improves the colouration and the visible
effects show an increase in the smoothness of the skin.

But, how does PRP treatment help us? As in PRP procedure, it is the biological substance manufactured from our own body that is used, free of any type of chemical, its application using platelet concentration is very useful for the healing of wounds and bone tissue, acceleration in the assimilation of grafts, regeneration of ulcerated skin and in case of implants, it also helps in the regeneration and healing process, especially in people suffering from diabetes.

What steps are enclosed in the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment?

The PRP treatment uses a process that includes the centrifugation of a blood sample, from which the platelet-rich plasma is obtained. This separated plasma is then applied to the skin through a series of micro injections at the intradermal level where the functional cells of the skin are abundant. With this, it helps to increase the production of collagen, elastin,
hyaluronic acid and other essential elements of the skin. Of course, what must be taken into consideration is that if the patients develop any inflammation in the treated area, it should be immediately notified to attain immediate relief.

It is said that platelet-rich plasma manages to delay the effects of the passage of time on the skin, even promises to eliminate cellulite. Although there are many myths surrounding the PRP treatment, so let us dig deeper and point out to everyone the myths and truths associated with this treatment:

PRP rejuvenates the skin:

It is true as it allows to delay the ageing process of the skin by regenerating new cells. The skin looks more luminous and fresh, with less flaccidity and wrinkles after employing PRP treatments.

It serves to combat cellulite and stretch marks:

It is true. It is beneficial to treat all kind of pathologies that require tissue regeneration. It also repairs damaged fibres and tissue.

It can be applied at any time:

It is true. The treatment can be carried out at any time of the year, always taking direct sunlight into account.

It serves as a preventive treatment:

It is true. It is recommended to apply it if you notice that the skin loses collagen and loses its capacity of cellular regeneration.

No medical check is needed:

It is untrue as it is necessary for the doctor to have a complete medical history and blood tests to rule out any pre-existing disease because there are contradictions.

It can be applied several times:

It is not true. The frequency will depend on each patient and the degree of ageing of the skin.

Serves for any type of skin:

It is not true. A preliminary consultation with a skin doctor is suggested as there are different types of skin based on which it can be decided whether the treatment is suitable or not. Skin that has some type of disease or skin with active acne cannot be subjected to this treatment.

After the treatment sunscreen is not essential:

It is untrue. It is necessary to apply sunscreen, after having undergone an aesthetic treatment.

What does our specialist think?

The skin doctor at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, recommends this treatment as one of the healthiest treatments in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. All it takes is the extraction of a little bit of blood from the patient, then it is processed to achieve a concentration of PRP or platelet-rich plasma. They contain growth factors that are when injected into the face of the patient stimulates a better production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment can be applied every two months or according to the protocol indicated by the treating doctor. Since it does not create any negative effect, it is considered to be an ideal method to prevent fast ageing of the skin and reclaim the lost dazzle of the face.