Are You All Set to Beat Winter Dryness? Here Are Our 10 Skincare Rules!

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Beat Winter Dryness


Cold winter air has started to blow and with that starts the dry and itchy sensation, broken skin and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We all know what the main reason behind all is the stripping of moisture from our skin, but the question is what are you going to do about it? 

With every change of season, our body struggles to adapt itself with the upcoming changes, and the skin is no exception: rain, humidity, cold and wind can affect it. Even the sudden changes in temperature (go from a cold place to one heated or vice versa) might cause definitive changes in the skin. The responses of the skin to low temperatures include physiological changes linked to thermoregulation, such as vasoconstriction of the blood capillaries of the skin, which results in the pallor of the skin, whereas the sudden increase in the heat and humidity might increase the sebum production of skin and result in acne breakouts.  

Undoubtedly, one of the least desired effects of the cold season is the frequent reddening of the skin. What is the reason behind it? Because of capillary vasodilatation, the reddening of the face is a constant feature in winter and during such a condition, heated environments generally with low humidity, can be very harmful to the skin. To maintain fresh and lively skin in winter, apart from applying loads of skincare products, it is essential to resort to a healthy diet. For instance, quit consuming an excess of alcohol and spicy foods, and consume lots of fluids. 

Apart from all the regular rules, at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we have come up with Ten Vital Commandments to beat winter dryness and possess hydrated, blemish-free, smooth skin.

  1. Avoid using very hot water on your skin as it dehydrates the skin and contributes to the loss of lubrication. For bathing, washing or cleaning the face, switch to lukewarm water.

2. Do not use formulas with abrasive ingredients, which are too harsh on the skin. During winter, try using soaps with a very creamy, moisturizing texture.

3. Hydrate the skin to the fullest, especially after the shower, when the skin is stripped of its natural oils and before going to bed so that the skin gets nourished through the night.

4. Include skin care products that are enriched with vitamin C and vitamin E as they contain anti-oxidants that fight the free radicals, thus halting the premature ageing. Apart from that, for deep hydration of skin, you can also use hyaluronic acid solutions, which are renowned for its nourishing properties.

5. Take care while exfoliating the face, don’t rub skin too agressively. If your skin is dry or sensitive, better avoid this process during winters. Otherwise, exfoliating once a week will be enough to eliminate dead cells and help in the penetration of moisturizing products.

6. Do not stop using sunscreen in winter. Application of sunscreen everyday keeps all the signs of premature ageing at a bay.

7. Besides cold, the worst enemy of the lips in winter is dehydration. Drink plenty of water daily and protect lips with balms or lipsticks that, in addition to providing color, have moisturizing components.

8. Pay close attention to your hands. Avoid soaps and disinfectant wipes. The key is to choose some hand soap with moisturizing components. Before sleeping it is recommended that you apply a good hand cream and cover with cotton gloves – especially if you already suffer from dryness – throughout the night. In a few days you will see a remarkable improvement.

9. In spite of having a busy schedule, try to do some treatments at home to defend your skin against winter dryness. It is the ideal time for having home treatments such as using natural masks and facial oils.

10. To avoid irritation, it is always better to opt for gentle products with soft fragrances (or without them). Body butter, ointments and balms are ideal for drier areas in winter.

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