As we grow old, our skin often tends to lose its glow, fine lines start to show, and it may even begin to sag. These could be a result of natural or external factors, but all of these add up to making us look older. While ageing is inevitable, it is possible to keep your skin looking young and radiant.
There are many anti-ageing treatments available today. Premium quality anti-wrinkle injections are amongst the most popular ones. However, there are many who fear getting a “frozen face” as standard these injections are known to paralyse the forehead, and give an unnatural look. Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, the celebrated Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon believes that this is largely due to the fact that not all cosmetic doctors are adept in getting natural looking results from anti-wrinkle, muscle-relaxant facial injections on account of limited skill and experience, or no set treatment template. It is this fear that keeps away a majority of people interested in injection based anti-ageing treatments. And this is what inspired him to clinically study and develop the Mircrodroplet Lift, a new anti-wrinkle injection delivery method that gives effective results without the risk of a “frozen face”.

So what is the Microdroplet Lift?

The Microdroplet Lift is an anti-wrinkle, muscle relaxant injection that “lifts” the brow, and reduces fine lines on the forehead, without causing a “freeze”. While this isn’t very different from other anti-ageing treatments except in its application, it is very good at getting natural results.
As part of this treatment, the brow is treated with very small injections to the tiny connecting points in the skin and muscles. It is not necessary to inject on the forehead.
Put simply, it is a better way to get wrinkle free skin. Unlike other anti-ageing treatment injections that are only effective if administered with skill, the Microdroplet Lift uses common standardized processes on eyebrow depressing muscles.

How is this treatment different from a regular brow lift?

A regular brow lift typically injects up to .1ml in several areas around the eyes, including the forehead and around the eyes. This also entails a specific pattern of injecting, but needs to be done with a high level of skill and care; else the medication is diffused into nearby tissues, resulting in Ptosis or “Frozen Forehead”.
The Microdroplet Lift procedure uses smaller, 0.01 – 0.03 ml injections instead, in the form of 60 – 100 microinjections just under the skin’s surface. What this does is that it traps the medication and doesn’t allow it to diffuse. This essentially weakens the brow muscles instead of completely relaxing them, and this eliminates the standard frozen effect of popular anti-wrinkle injections, as you can continue to make facial expressions.
Anti-ageing treatments should make your face look natural, and not stunned. Because of the standardized way of administering injections, the Microdroplet Lift doesn’t have as many complications, while having the same longevity. Moreover, this procedure helps relaxing what is commonly known as “resting brow pinch”, which makes the brows go up and reduces forehead lines. This creates a look that is more natural, relaxed and friendly.

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