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Acne is among the most popular skin conditions and affects almost 90% of the global population. When sebaceous (oil-secreting) glands get stimulated by androgens, they produce sebum or oil, which dries and combines with dead skin cells and bacteria above the hair follicles, plugging them and giving rise to more bacteria. This results in an acne breakout.

We at Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre Melbourne take immense pride in our state-of-the-art technology and expert medical team. We provide revolutionary acne scar treatment in Melbourne, customized according to the type, condition and the needs of your skin. We are proud to have Dr. Shobhna Singh, one of the leading cosmetic physicians in Australia, who has attained years of experience in acne and scarring treatments Melbourne.

Acne Scarring


Most severe acne cases, if left untreated, will leave terrible scarring as they damage not only the superficial layer of the skin but also go underneath. The body has its own recovery and repair mechanism, which produces cell growth factors to trigger new tissue formation, but what usually happens, is this formation is not regulated properly, so it ends up either producing too much or too little substances essential for cell growth, thus leading to acne scarring. Scarring in areas like the face, chest, neck, and breasts can be quite unsightly and uncomfortable to look at. It is usually these scars in the visible areas that people wish to get rid of as soon as possible.

Our top acne scar treatment methods in Melbourne include CO2 laser and Fraxel laser alongside newer methods like Radio Frequency treatment, Fractional Micro Needle treatment and many more. Your skin is extremely important and is a big part of who you are, which is why you shouldn’t trust just any random man with a needle with it. Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre promises you a full satisfaction guarantee, as our foundation is built upon qualified professionals, expert treatments and top-notch technology.

Nitai’s expert workforce is fully qualified to handle all your skin needs, and each member has been at the forefront of their respective fields thanks to years of experience. Thanks to our advanced methods, acne scarring treatment in Melbourne has never been easier and more convenient. Our resident expert Dr. Shobhna Singh personally goes over every case presented to us and charts out the best course of action for you. Under her guidance, you are sure to receive the most accurate and fulfilling outcomes.

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Acne Scarring Treatment Melbourne
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Acne Scar Treatment Melbourne

The Various Treatment Methods


Fraxel Laser: Fraxel Laser treatments have been considered the gold standard in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Nitai boasts one of the most advanced Fraxel procedures around. We apply several tiny columns of light to the area being targeted, triggering the healing response. We also offer Fraxel dual treatments, which use two types of lasers in tandem so as to treat both the superficial as well as the deep layers of the skin.

CO2 Laser: This is one of the methods preferred by the experts at Nitai for removal of medium to severe acne scarring. It involves directing focused light beams onto the affected area. We use a Carbon Dioxide Laser or a CO2 laser as it is highly effective in treating persistent acne. The heat from the laser triggers the healing response, causing the increased production of structural proteins for connective tissues over the next few months, leading to lightening and eventual disappearance of scars. You are expected to get a topical anaesthetic administered prior to treatment. CO2 laser procedures involve a fairly hefty downtime. They are suitable for the lighter skin types and generally avoided for darker skin. You must avoid suntans in the weeks leading up to the treatment and also provide tanning history to the doctor treating you beforehand.

Skin NeedlingThis is also effective for superficial acne scarring and involves mildly puncturing the skin at micro-level using fine needles to trigger production of essential substances for cell growth and tissue proteins.

Skin Peels: These involve the usage of chemicals to remove the skin’s outer layers, and work best for superficial scars. Skin peel is best for effectually addressing skin concerns such as acne scarring, dull, lifeless and rough skin, aging skin, sun damaged skin, congestion, and hyperpigmentation.

MicrodermabrasionParticularly useful for mild scarring, the procedure involves buffing the skin with tiny crystals, which act like sandpaper to remove the rougher, uneven outer layers and diminish fine lines, scars and pigmentation. It is a chemical procedure and has absolutely zero downtime.


Get a Consultation Today


At Nitai, we understand your needs, and also the fact that you may have a number of doubts and qualms about our acne scarring treatment procedures and their outcomes at our Melbourne clinic. This is why you should schedule a consultation with us at the soonest, so we can get you to discuss all your needs, questions and desires with one of our experts. The first step involves assessing your skin and the level or type of the scarring we are expected to deal with, and also checking if you don’t have any active acne at the moment. The next would be the creation of a step-wise treatment process, at the end of which the scarring will be drastically reduced or completely eradicated.


What Next?


After you’re done with the consultation, all you have to do is show up for the scheduled appointments. It is not unusual for you to have to come for multiple treatments because it is a cumulative process. Once the whole process is done, you will have significantly reduced scarring and smoother skin. The treatments aren’t exactly permanent, so you could have to return for maintenance one in six months or so.

We are always here to help you with any problems you may have. You can reach us anytime via email or call at (03) 9300 1244 whenever you need. You can also schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultation and come visit us to discuss your situation and what you want, to see what we can do for you. We believe in total transparency and will tell you about the entire procedure, all related costs and the like. With our fantastic acne scar treatment in Melbourne, your scars will be a thing of the past, and you can step into a new life with renewed vigour and confidence.

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