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Physical appearances in today’s modern world are considered to be extremely essential. It has become an imperative part of our lives to look presentable and appealing in order to climb up the social ladder. After all, your physical appearance is your first impression wherever you go and good looks play a major role in boosting ones self-confidence and self-esteem. Speaking of physical appearances, one of our most prominent features is our lips. The more pronounced they are the more beautiful and attractive they seem to be. Our lips speak volumes about our character, our facial features and our sex appeal; hence it’s only fair to have voluminous lips. Full lips are also deemed to be most striking and pleasing thereby making a recognisable impact. Hence the growing need for distinguished and well-defined full lips is constantly increasing and it’s not surprising that lip enhancement is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures.

Lip augmentation using lip fillers (dermal fillers) is primarily based on the objective of harmonising the appearance of our lips with other facial features. It is the process of adding temporary volume and definition by injecting lip fillers with very fine needles in and around the lips. However, if not explored and executed properly under the right consultation, the entire process can be disappointing and leave a lasting scar in the long run. But no worries, this is where the experts who are known to weave art with science, at Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre step right in.

We at Nitai strongly believe that the process of lip augmentation is highly subjective as every pair of lips adorn a different sensitivity, beauty and uniqueness. Each personality is known to vary from the other and impart a distinctive aura; similarly each pair of lips is known to have an inimitable charm of its own. Following the above motto, Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre specialises in catering to your desired needs with precision and care thereby providing comprehensive services on an extremely interpersonal level. ‘Diverse lips need detailed attention’ is the approach we have towards lip augmentation. Lip fillers is an aesthetic treatment and it is incredibly important to only allow a qualified, reputable professional to do it. At Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre our expert cosmetic doctors have a great deal of experience in treating and enhancing lips to personalise them to suit every respective patients’ facial structure and anatomy and recreating lips that look natural. This takes enormous experience, an artistic eye and a gentle touch which our doctors at Nitai possess.

In order to treat our patients with focused attention while protecting their best interests and aspirations, it is extremely crucial to understand the patient’s need for the treatment. So before plunging into how we pursue lip augmentation, let’s recognise the reason behind the rising need for lip enhancement. No two people are the same and neither are their motives behind achieving voluptuous lips. So what is it that leads them towards lip augmentation? If we visualise our younger consumers, they are known to use their lips as an accessory for self-expression; using it as a tool for presenting their attitudes, viewpoints and moods effectively. Hence the need for distinct, visible and glamorous lips becomes vital. On the other hand, if we take into consideration our comparatively aged consumers, their need for lip fillers is solely based on the purpose of achieving a fresher more youthful look, as accentuated lips are often associated with beauty and youth. Celebrity influence also plays a key role in marketing lip enhancements as compelling and necessary. Thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner, the rise of people opting plump their pout with temporary lip fillers has skyrocketed.

At Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre we pay special heed to our patients’ and their keen intent for lip augmentation. Our team of respected, expert and highly experienced doctors use comprehensive and advanced techniques to provide the most advanced, least painful dermal filler procedures that produce consistent and satisfying outcomes. One of our most popular dermal fillers used in lip augmentation is a substance found naturally in abundance within the skin and connective tissue. Senior and highly trained Dr Shobhna Singh who is the Cosmetic Physician at Nitai says, “With prior and detailed consultation and lip assessment to determine the apt treatment, our level of commitment at Nitai towards our patients’ is uncompromising and elaborate. We thrive on the expectations our patients’ have and are passionate about offering them complete support and continuous attention.” Being a synthetic cosmetic treatment, lip augmentation may seem complicated and risky but can be transformed into a subtle, believable and satisfying one if done the right way. Intrigued? Interested? Let Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre be your guide.

– By Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre

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