7 Things to Know Before Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Treatment

Things to Know About Tattoo Removal


Repenting of a tattoo is something that can happen over time, although when we made the decision to get a tattoo, the ideal would be that it lasts with us forever. But not all people think the same and, luckily for them, there are some ways to remove the inked tattoo from the skin.

But here we will not talk again about how to remove a tattoo, but about some factors that influence the cost of laser tattoo removal that you should keep in mind.


To achieve a good tattoo, the main thing is to get the ink to penetrate the dermis (second layer of the skin). The removal through the laser, therefore, would have to reach the same area leaving the first layer of the skin undamaged. For this, the number of sessions will depend on the pigmentation of your skin, according to the Fitzpatrick scale. The lighter the skin, the faster and more successful the tattoo removal treatment is. Due to this lighter pigmentation, the side effects of tattoo removal are less than in dark skin.

Tattooed area

The place of the body where the tattoo is, also plays an important role. In general, those places that are close to the highest blood flows are the most economical. For example, tattoos that are closer to the heart and in the upper part of the body are easier to remove. Therefore, it will always be cheaper to remove the one on the chest or back to one located on the heel.

Tattoo colours

Although the opposite is believed, black and grey tattoos are the easiest to remove. This colour, due to the lack of metallic elements and the ability to absorb light waves, is much easier to remove, unlike other shades. The red, yellow and green are the most expensive to remove because they take more time, and not to mention those with many colours.

The amount of ink

The amount of ink is also important for removal. If the tattoo is made by a professional, then usually it will take more ink than amateur tattoos and, therefore, it will be more difficult to remove, since the ink will be fixed on the skin. Although, it can happen that the removal of amateur tattoos could cost more because they can be made unevenly, with different intensities. What there is no doubt about is that, the more complex the tattoo, the longer the treatment will take, and this means a greater investment.

Cover-up tattoo?

If in your case you want to remove a cover-up tattoo, that is, a tattoo covering a pre-existing tattoo, then the removal will cost much more. When we cover a tattoo with a new one, the ink works again on the same area. This will mean that in addition to mean more money, you also have to spend more time during treatment.

The size of the tattoo

The size of the tattoo is also a factor to consider. As expected, the bigger the tattoo, the more it will cost. But, the price will also depend on the place where you remove it and the extent that is used there.

What laser will be used?

Finally, and based on the treatment itself, the type of laser will determine the cost (and benefit) that you will have. The Q-Switched is a good technique, in fact we have recommended it on many occasions. At  Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we use Revlite Laser for tattoo removal without any evident side-effect.

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